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Developments in yoghurt applications – with the focus on culture and stabilizer combinations.

Posted by on Aug 16, 2011 in Cheese, Dairy Cultures, Prime Pharma Consults, Yoghurt Cultures | 0 comments

With a myriad of yoghurt cultures and stabilizer systems entering the market lately, it is important for the producer to be aware of the best way to combine these ingredients for different effects, products and environments. We evaluate different combinations of stabilizers and lactic acid cultures to obtain the best drinking, set and stirred yoghurt applications. Products will be compared based on viscosity, taste, body/build and...

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7th African Dairy Conference 2011

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On the 25th of May, the 7th African Dairy Conference in Tanzania opened its doors to regional, national and international organisations that directly or indirectly operate in the dairy industry. This year ESADA focused on organisations that would share their knowledge of product developments, technical support and experience within the industry, with new comers and locals alike. Prime Pharma’s own food specialist, Leon van der Westhuizen went to “investigate “the abundance of opportunities the African dairy sector has to deliver and in doing so also had the occasion as a speaker to educate...

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