Milk Analyzer – Multi Test

Milk Analyzer – Multi Test

It has an Intergrated RS-232 interface, Micro printer and automatic data capturer. Based upon ultra-sound technology, the instrument does not require any costly chemicals, caustic or reagents for testing. MILKANA is an example of accuracy and efficiency of bench chemistry methods and test results areĀ available inĀ just 45 seconds!





Provides rapid test results for the following:

  • Fat
  • Added Water
  • Protein
  • ph
  • Solids Non Fat
  • Temperature
  • Lactose
  • Density
  • Freezing point
  • Conductivity in fresh milk (cow, sheep, buffalo and goat)

Key Features:

  • Fast Analysis – allows a large number of measurements to be done
  • Simple and lightweight design
  • +12V DC and 220V (or 110V optional) AC Power supply
  • Low power consumption
  • Very small quantity of milk required
  • No acid or other chemicals are used
  • One year full warranty
  • Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user
  • RS 232 Interface and Data collection System
  • ESC POS Printer built in