Sumizyme PME

Sumizyme PME

There are four major enzyme manufacturers in the world. Prime Pharma represents Shin Nihon via Takabio. Shin Nihon, a Japanese company is one of the very first companies to manufacture enzymes. Our enzymes are added during only one application, at the crusher with the dosage staying the same.

They are aslo a Non-GMO. In South Africa in particular, the stronger focus is on the winemakers and the pome, citrus and subtropical fruit processing industries but we will soon expand our enzyme offering to animal feed, nutraceuticals and fish processing industries.


All these enzymes have certified non-GMO origin.

Prime Pharma will address customer’s inquiries professionally. We will advise with a technical enzyme proposal aimed to satisfy customers’ needs. In doing so we will give best quality service and technical back up exceeding customers’ expectations.